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Two Lead Foil Magic Amulets, 4th-6th century CE


Lead Foil Magic Amulet 1


Lead Foil Magic Amulet 2


Levant or Asia Minor

Late Roman-Byzantine period

Fourth -sixth centuries CE

22. Width- 5.1 cm, height- 4.3 cm,

23. Width- 4.8 cm, height- 4.2 cm,

Although not yet deciphered, it should be noted from the forms of the letters that these amulets were probably written in Aramaic or Hebrew. Further, the letters were incised in the direction that they were rolled, which is unusual, but not unknown. DL


Joan Goodnick Westenholz. Three Faces of Monotheism. Bible Lands Museum Jerusalem, 2007. pp. 64-65.

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