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Introduction to Bible and Beyond

  1. Moses Smashing the Tablets of the LawArticles
    1. Mad to See the Monuments, Steven W. Holloway, Bible Review 17-6, Dec. 2001.
    2. Scholar Claims Bible Scholars Suppress Palestinian History in Favor of Israelites, BAR Mar-Apr 1996.
    3. The Rose of Jericho—Symbol of the Resurrection, Jacob Friedman, Zippora Stein and Amotz Dafni, BAR 6-05, Sep-Oct 1980.
    4. What Does the Bible Say? Translations speak in many tongues, Dewey M. Beegle, BAR 8-06, Nov-Dec 1982.
    5. Putting the Bible on the Map, James Fleming, BAR 9-06, Nov-Dec 1983.
    6. Thoughts in the Dirt at Dan, Daniel S. Wolk, BAR 10-01, Jan-Feb 1984.
    7. Excavation Tactics and Strategy, BAR 11-01, Jan-Feb 1985.
    8. A Thousand Years of History in Jerusalem’s Jewish Quarter, Nitza Rosovsky, BAR 18-03, May-Jun 1992.
    9. Nahman Avigad- In Memoriam, Frank Moore Cross, BAR 18-03, May-Jun 1992.
    10. Nahman Avigad, 1905–1992, Hershel Shanks, BAR 18-03, May-Jun 1992.
    11. The Philistines and the Dothans, Hershel Shanks, BAR 19-04, Jul-Aug 1993.
    12. Archaeological Encyclopedia for the ’90s, Hershel Shanks, BAR 19-06, Nov-Dec 1993.
    13. Jerusalem as Textbook, Gideon Avni, BAR 22-03, May-Jun 1996.
    14. Face to Face- Biblical Minimalists Meet Their Challengers, Hershel Shanks, BAR 23-04, Jul-Aug 1997.
    15. Archaeology and the Biblical Text, Fredric R. Brandfon, BAR 14-01, Jan-Feb 1988.
    16. Save Us from Postmodern Malarkey, William G. Dever, BAR 26-02, Mar-Apr 2000.
    17. Holy Targets- Joseph’s Tomb Is Just the Latest, Hershel Shanks, BAR 27-01, Jan-Feb 2001.
    18. Scrolls, Scripts and Stelae, Hershel Shanks, BAR 28-05, Sep-Oct 2002.
    19. First Person- The Anonymous Archaeologist, Hershel Shanks, BAR 28-05, Sep-Oct 2002.
    20. Chronology of Principle Ancient Sources
    21. Chronological Table
    22. Crossroads Timeline- Ancient Sojourns through the Holy Land
    23. Architectural History of Jerusalem, Charles Warren and Claude Reigner Conder, The Survey of Western Palestine, Palestine Exploration Fund, London, 1884.
    24. Dissemination, Division and Difference, John Reeve, Sacred- Books of the Three Faiths, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, The British Library, London, 2007.
  2. Videos
    1. What is Jewish art? Prof. Steven Fine. Produced by Down Low Pictures for COJS.
    2. What makes archaeology exciting? Prof. Steven Fine. Produced by Down Low Pictures for COJS.
    3. How can an archaeological discovery change our interaction with the past? Prof. Steven Fine. Produced by Down Low Pictures for COJS.
    4. Why were the Zionists attracted to the discipline of archaeology? Prof. Steven Fine. Produced by Down Low Pictures for COJS.
  3. Websites
    1. Archaeology Magazine
    2. Archaeological Institute of America
    3. The Bible and Interpretation
    4. Bible History Online
    7. Biblical Archaeology
    8. Biblical Archaeology Society
    9. The British Museum
    10. City of David
    11. Dig- The Archaeology Magazine for Kids
    12. Digging Jerusalem
    13. Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv
    14. Eye on Israel
    15. Hecht Museum
    16. The Institute of Archaeology – The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
    17. Introduction to the Bible
    18. Israel Antiquities Authority
    19. Israel Museum
    20. Jewish and Other Imperial Cultures in Late Antiquity
    21. Jewish National & University Library
    22. Journal of Hebrew Scriptures
    23. The Megiddo Expedition
    26. The Oriental Institute of the of the University of Chicago
    27. The Palestine Exploration Fund
    28. Prolegomena to the History of Ancient Israel by Julius Wellhausen (e-book)
    29. The Ramat Rahel Archaeological Project
    30. The Schøyen Collection- The Bible
    31. Society of Biblical Literature
    32. Tel Beth-Shean- An Account of the Hebrew University Excavations
    33. Tel Dan Excavations
    34. Tower of David Museum
    35. University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology- Canaan and Ancient Israel
  4. Further reading
    1. Annotated Bibliography of Articles from Biblical Archaeology Review
    2. Archaeology Resources, The Jewish Museum, 2007.

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