Byzantine Avdat

Two churches and service buildings were constructed in the acropolis monastery at Avdat. The more important southern church had three apses on the eastern side. In the floor are reliquaries for the remains of local saints. In the floor of the prayer hall of the church are the tombs of clerical dignitaries.


Byzantine Advat Inscription

Inscriptions on stone slabs covering the tombs, dating from 542 to 618 CE, provide information regarding the Byzantine Christian community of Avdat. One of the inscriptions records the name of the church- the Martyrion of St. Theodorus. Theodorus, also known from other inscriptions served as abbot of the monastery at Avdat and was buried in the southern church.

Also found were inscriptions in red paint including a cross. One inscription is a request to St. Theodorus, patron of the city, for protection against the evil eye.

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