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March 25, 1946 Arab Higher Committee to Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry

Arab Higher CommitteeAddress by Mr. Emil Ghoury (member of the Arab Higher Committee) to the final session of the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry:

“The Palestine Arabs are not alone in their struggle against the Balfour Declaration and the mandate. The entire Arab and Muslim worlds support them in any stand they may take vis-a-vis the Zionist policy…

  • The Arabs refuse partition from the outset and will never acquiesce in slicing away any portion of their country, not even the city of Tel Aviv itself


  • There is a place for the Jew in the Middle East if he gives up Zionism gives up the idea of further immigration to Palestine and is prepared to live in harmony with the Arabs


  • We will terminate all Jewish immigration to Palestine.”

Source: The Two-State Solution: The UN Partition Resolution Of Mandatory Palestine: (Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry, 1945-1948, Public Hearings (Zug: Inter Documentation Co., 1977) 25 March 1946, pp.10-16)

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