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June 30, 1930 Seventeenth Zionist Congress, Basel

Zionist Congress 1939The Seventeenth Zionist Congress convenes in Basel and serious clashes between the Revisionist movement heads and most of the Congress take place regarding the “ultimate goal” of Zionism. The Revisionists demand an immediate decision – that the “ultimate goal” of the Zionists be declared the establishment of a Jewish State in Eretz Israel. When their demand is rejected they leave the Congress in protest. Dr. Chaim Weizmann is not elected president of the WZO ― the price for his support of the British; Nahum Sokolow is elected in his stead. A new Executive is established, with Labor movement members participating, for the first time, in senior positions. Dr. Hayim Arlosoroff, aged 32, is elected head of the Political Department.

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