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Candelabra, 12th century

Dome of the Rock Crusader Candelabra


Dome of the Rock Crusader Candelabra


Candelabra Drawing


Dome of the Rock Crusader Candelabra Close-Up

After the Crusader conquest of Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock became the Templum Domini church, and an altar devoted to St. Nicholas was erected above the Foundation Stone. The rock was surrounded by an iron lattice-work grille, decorated with leaves and branches. The altar was also encompassed by an iron grille on which the date of its creation (1162) was engraved. The two oil candelabra, also made of iron, were placed in the corner southwest of the Foundation Stone, near a lattice-work cell whose function is not known. These candelabra were transferred, apparently during the British Mandate, to the Islamic Museum on the Temple Mount.

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