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May 16, 1948 Colonel David Marcus Reports on Jewish Forces’ Resolve

HaganaColonel David “Mickey” Marcus (U.S.A. Army) – Hero of the movie “Cast a Giant Shadow” – Starring Capitals Kirk Douglas, Frank Sinatra, and John Wayne

State of Israel


16th May, 1948

Dear General Hilldring,

I have just returned from the Tel-Aviv – Jerusalem road where I observed the Jewish Forces open up and secure the defile. As I learned that several people were leaving for the U.S.A. I requested that this be handed to you.

Throughout Jewish Palestine there is law and order – no signs of chaos or panic. There is a strong man at the helm and his assistants have the mental toughness that can withstand days of disaster.

Before the 15th May, the Hagana secured its borders. I witnessed their forces take Safad in the north. They displayed boldness, courage and at the same time took all necessary security measures.

I always believed that the Jewish Forces could withstand pressure from the Palestine Arabs, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Transjordan. With respect to Egypt such items as P.51’s, 75’s, Bazookas and armor would enable them to withstand the combined efforts and pressure from all of their enemies.

The Jewish Force is not limited to the “Army” or the “Hagana”. It is a people in arms determined to fight and to win. I can best illustrate this point by the following incident – A company commander was taking inventory of his weapons. For the task assigned him, it is an understatement to say that they were not fully equipped. He merely remarked “Men fight, not guns”. Later, with a gun, he added “Of course, guns do help.”

Sir, I pray that you are well.



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