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1918 Arabs Fought for Turkey in World War I

Israel“The next factor which produced a momentous change was the decision to come to terms with Jewry, which was clamoring for an opportunity to make Canaan once more the homeland of their race.  There are more Irishmen living outside Ireland than dwell in the old country.  Still Ireland is the homeland of the Irish people.   No one imagined that the 14,000,000 of Jews scattered over the globe could find room and a living in Palestine.  Nevertheless this race of wanderers sought a national hearth and a refuge for the hunted children of Israel in the country which the splendor of their spiritual genius has made for ever glorious.

The Allies redeemed the promises made in these declarations to the full.  No race has done better out of the fidelity with which the Allies redeemed their promises to the oppressed races than the Arabs.  Owing to the tremendous sacrifices of the Allied nations, and more particularly of Britain and her Empire, the Arabs have already won independence in Iraq, Arabia, Syria, and Trans-Jordania, although most of the Arab races fought throughout the War for their Turkish oppressors.   Arabia was the only exception in that respect. The Palestinian Arabs fought for Turkish rule.”

Source: George, David Lloyd, The Truth about the Peace Treaties, Vol II. London: Victor Gollancz Ltd, 1938, p. 1116, 1118-1119

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