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Isaiah 40:1-11: Voice in the Wilderness – John the Baptizer, the New Elijah

The 40th chapter of Isaiah is a poem about the time and coming of Jesus (Isaiah 40:1-11), followed by an exhortation to recognize him as the likeness and true image of Almighty God (Isaiah 40:12-31,Colossians 1:15, Hebrews 1:3). The first part foretells a “voice calling” to prepare the way for the coming of Christ the Lord(Isaiah 40:3).

Voice in the Wilderness:

Isaiah 40:3 refers to the great John the Baptizer. He was the “voice calling in the wilderness”. This is made clear by Matthew who interprets this verse for us (Matthew 3:1-3).

The same interpretation is given by the writers of the other gospel accounts (Mark 1:2-4, Luke 3:2-6, John 1:19-23).

John the Baptizer himself testifies that he is the “voice crying in the wilderness” of whom Isaiah spoke – “a voice calling in the wilderness” (Isaiah 40:3)

John the Baptizer was a special herald of Jesus. His preaching in the wilderness paved the way for the ministry of Jesus. Jesus was of much higher rank than John. John’s ministry was to prepare people for Jesus, and lead them to Jesus. John himself was clear about this (John 1:15,19-23,29-36).








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