Israel's Golan ActionBehind the scene efforts continued here today by members of the Security Council to formulate a draft resolution that would be palatable, or at least acceptable, to both Syria and the United States, on the issue of Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights.

The latest effort is a working paper initiated by Zaire, a member of the Council, which calls on all countries to refrain from acts helping Israel in its annexation at the Golan. Zaire, which reportedly opposes the Syrian demand for mandatory sanctions against Israel, also urges member-states in its working paper “to consider applying effective and concrete measures,” to force Israel to abrogate its annexation.

Meanwhile, Arab League members at the UN were scheduled to meet here this evening to formulate a united stand on a resolution concerning the Golan annexation. Saudi Envoy Demands Sanctions

The Security Council continued its meeting last night and today, hearing various speakers denouncing Israel and calling for action against it.

Ambassador Gaafar Allagany of Saudi Arabia told the Council last night that it must impose sanctions against Israel, including mandatory economic sanctions. He warned that Israel’s annexation of the Golan poses serious dangers for peace in the Mideast.

Ambassador Emmanuel Ghikas of Greece said last night that Israel’s annexation violated Security Council Resolution 242. Greece, he said, “condemned” the Israeli move. Although he called for “action” against Israel, Ghikas did not mention sanctions.