10-year-batteryA new battery has been developed by Tel Aviv University’s Dr. Emanuel Peled and Herzl Yamin which can be used for a period of up to 10 years, is 50-100 percent higher in energy density per weight than today’s long-term batteries and thus more compact and is cheaper to construct. The new battery, the only one in the world to combine lithium and sulphur, which yields one of the highest energy densities possible, can thus be smaller than existing batteries and yield the same energy levels.

The new battery should be useful for a wide range of purposes, primarily in appliances and instruments that require long-term, low power, such as- pacemakers, calculators, electronic watches, and smoke detectors; safeguarding the memory of microcomputers for industrial, commercial, scientific and household uses, in which the memory can be lost by a power failure; and long-distance, inaccessible instrumentation in which batteries cannot be replaced, such as for military purposes.