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May 6, 1921 Arab Villagers Raid Khedera

1918 Arabs Participation in World War I               … On May 6, 1921, a raid was made from neighboring Arab villages upon Khedera.  The lives of the colonists were saved by the arrival of an aeroplane, but two houses were burned and 14 houses were wholly or partially ransacked.  Much cattle is said to have been stolen.

The raid on Khedera on the 6th May may be regarded as a sequel to the Jaffa riots on the 1st May, and belongs to the same sequence of events as the attack by Arabs on Petach-Tikvah on the 5th May.  The fact that there had been armed strife between Arabs and Jews, and that Arabs had been killed, was enough to set up a condition of acute excitement under the influence of which one thought only would predominate – that Arabs had been killed by Jews.  No other circumstances would be taken into account.  No rumor would be too preposterous to be believed.

Source:  67, p. 5.

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