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IN THE OLD CITY OF JERUSALEM. May 27 (AP)-King Abdullah paid a surprise visit to the old city today and prayed at Christian and Moslem shrines.

The monarch of Trans-Jordan made his devotions at the Holy Sepulchre, Calvary and the Mosque of Omar, the Holiest Shrines of Christendom and Islam.

The king, cheered by 25,000 Arabs, toured the old city. Less than 300 yards away from him in the Jewish quarter, shells of his Arab Legion’s guns crashed into the last holdout row of Jewish army machinegun posts along the southern wall.

Close to the big Hurva synagogue, demolitions set off by Arab squads spewed smoke and dust into the blazing May sky.

Windows were jammed with Arab spectators as Abdullah passed by.

“Long live Abdullahl” the spectators shouted. “Long may you be king of your people. You are king of Jerusalem.”

At the entrance to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre Arab volunteers kept back crowds while the king. greeted by Orthodox and Roman Catholic priests, entered. He was passed through the entrance by a Moslem civilian who, by tradition and agreement with the Christians, is the keeper of the keys of the church.

In the court yard, black-bearded monks bade the Arab monarch Godspeed. On his way back to St. Stephen’s gate, Abdullah paused to confer with a Legion field officer directing the assault on the Old Jewish Quarter. The officer yesterday rejected a Jewish appeal to allow the evacuation of 300 women and children.

Abdullah prayed within the hearing of only Moslem and Christian priests. His small bodyguard dropped back. The king asked blessings on the Arab cause, defeat of the “invaders” and a return of peace to Holy places.

The king drove to Old Jerusalem along Jericho road, passing within 50 yards of the slope of the Mount of Olivers, which previously had been under Jewish machine gun fire, When he reached the high battlements of St. Stephen’s gate, 40 Arab volunteers presented arms.