July 23rd 1938

“Palestine Outlook continues Gloomy. Nazi Anti-Jewish Campaign Stirs Neighboring lands Moderate Arabs swayed. Revisionists are Factor.

Jerusalem, July 23 The strife in Palestine continues unabated and hopes for an improvement of conditions seem acant. One need not be a confirmed pessimist to despair of a possible return to normalcy in the near future.

More Terrorism Expected. It is almost impossible to combat sniping and guerrilla warfare. Having practiced it for more than two years, the 225,00 Arabs who inhabit the territory included in the proposed Jewish State. In addition to the Arabs beyond the boundaries of that state, will undoubtedly continue their terrorism, which is bound to hamper any Jewish development and progress in the region, as the Jews’ time will be occupied entirely in protecting themselves.”

Source: July 24, 1938 New York Times by Joseph M. Levy