1. Early Christian Prayer Hall From Text to Tradition
    1. Parting of the Ways
    2. Jewish-Christian Relations in the Early Centuries
  2. Primary sources
    1. Acts 1-2- The Apostles Continue to Preach the Teachings of Jesus (EText Center)
    2. Acts 3-5- Peter and John Perform Miracles at the Gates of the Temple and Gains Followers (EText Center)
    3. Acts 9-1-31- Paul’s Revelation on the Road to Damascus (EText Center)
    4. Acts 10- Cornelius the God-Fearer (EText Center)
    5. Acts 15- The Inclusion of Gentile Proselytes (EText Center)
    6. Babylonian Talmud Berakhot 28b- The Composition of the Blessing Against the Heretics
    7. The Eighteen Benedictions- The Benediction Against the Heretics
    8. Tosefta Hullin 2-20-21- Laws Distancing Jews from the Heretics
    9. Tosefta Hullin 2-24- Rabbi Eliezer and the Heretic
    10. Jerusalem Talmud Berakhot 9-1 (12d-13a)- Rabbi Simlai Refutes the Trinity
    11. Babylonian Talmud Gittin 45b- A Torah Written by a Heretic
    12. Justin Martyr, Dialogue with Trypho- Proofs of Christianity from the Old Testament
    13. Aphrahat- The Rejection of Israel (Neusner)
    14. Epiphanius, Panarion 29- The Nazarenes
    15. Toldot Yeshu- A Counter-History of Early Christianity from the Byzantine Period
  3. Images
    1. Mosaic floor of Church discovered at Tel Megiddo Prison, 3rd century CE.
    2. Christian Catacombs at Callistus, Rome, 3rd century CE.
    3. Earliest known depiction of Lazarus, Callistus Catacombs, Rome, 3rd Century CE.
    4. Column from a synagogue reused in a Christian context with a cross imposed on a menorah, Laodicia, Asia Minor.
    5. Bust of the Emperor Constantine I, ruled 324-337 CE