Chamberlain“…in the year 1903 my late father, who was then Colonial Secretary, was deeply interested in the Zionist Movement and in the efforts which were being made to obtain National Territory for the Jewish people. My father was anxious to find such a territory within the limits of the British Constitution. He endeavored to find it in East Africa…”

“Today the opportunity has come. I have no hesitation in saying that were my father alive today he would be among the first to welcome it and to give it his hearty support.”

“A great responsibility will rest upon the Zionists, who before long will be proceeding with joy in their hearts to the ancient seat of their people. Theirs will be the task to build up a new prosperity and a new civilization in old Palestine, so long neglected and misruled. They will carry with them the hearty goodwill of the British nation and its earnest hope that in their own country they may prove worthy of their past and of the great opportunity that has been given to them.”