Lydda Airport CaptureJERUSALEM, April 27 (AP). – Arabs shot to death here today a retired British naval officer who came to Palestine only a week ago to accept a consular appointment when the British mandate ends on May 15. The officer, Captain R. B. Leggett, was killed outside Barclay’s Bank, in the center of Jerusalem. Police opened fire on the Arab assailants and it was believed two were killed.

Fighting continued in Jerusalem after a night-long battle in the Katamon suburb.

The customs house at Lydda, on the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv road, was reported looted and burned by Arabs, with loss of $50,000 in shipments and merchandise stored there.

The situation at Lydda airport was confused. The Arabs were reported to have moved in Sunday when the British departed, but advises said British troops were now in the airport control building. Jewish personnel who fed from the airport Sunday were reported to have taken eighteen radio transmitters.