Jewish Mysticism
Therefore, you must strive to discern the matter of the secret of the covenant of circumcision and the secret of the covenant of the tongue, which are two matters. The covenant of circumcision instructs about the human being who was uncircumcised at birth and by all accounts he must be circumcised. The covenant of the tongue also alludes to the fact that he was uncircumcised and he had to be circumcised. Thus these two covenants comprise Abraham and Moses. The father who brings into being the body is Abraham, from the organ, and the master that produces speech is Moses and this is the name. Accordingly, Abraham our patriarch and Moses our master were both pillars of the world. Analogously, the organ brings us to this world and the tongue will bring us to life in the world-to-come.

Translated by Elliot Wolfson in “Circumcision, Secrecy, and the Veiling of the Veil- Phallomorphic Exposure and Kabbalistic Essotericism.” In The Covenant of Circumcision- New Perspectives on an Ancient Rite, pp. 58-70. Edited by Elizabeth W. Mark. Hanover and London- Brandeis University Press, 2003, from Abraham Abulafia, ’Osar ‘Eden Ganuz (Jerusalem, 2000), p. 285.