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Semitic Tribe Entering Egypt, c. 1890 BCE

Semitic Tribe Entering EgyptSemitic Tribe Entering Egypt, Beni Hasan, Close-Up

Much of what we know about life in Egypt in the second millennium BCE provides a plausible context for the Egyptian sojourn.

A famous painting on a tomb wall at Beni Hasan in middle Egypt portrays Asiatic traders in a donkey caravan coming down to Egypt with their families and their wares in about 1890 BCE.

Beni HasanSemitic Tribe Entering Egypt, Beni Hasan, Full View

Excerpted from Nahum Sarna, “Israel in Egypt- The Egyptian Sojourn and the Exodus,” in Shanks, Hershel, ed. Ancient Israel From Abraham to the Roman Destruction of the Temple. Washington DC- Biblical Archaeology Society, 1999.

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