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March 28, 1921 Mousa Kazem El-Hussaini

Mousa Kasem El-Hussaini“For all the above reasons, we ask in the name of justice and right that—

FIRST: The principle of a National Home for the Jews be abolished.

SECOND: A National Government be created, which shall be responsible to a Parliament elected by the Palestinian people who existed in Palestine before the War.

THIRD: A stop be put to Jewish immigration until such a time as a national government is formed.

FOURTH: Laws and regulations before the War be still carried out and all others framed after the British occupation be annulled, and no new laws be created until a National Government comes into being.

FIFTH: Palestine should not be separated from her sister States

For the Executive Committee

Of the Arab Palestine Congress:

(Signed)               MOUSA KAZEM EL-HUSSAINI, President

Source: Official Report of Deputation of Executive Committee of the Haifa Congress Received By The Secretary of State For The Colonies At Government House in Jerusalem

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