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June 25, 1926 Southern Syria/Palestine/Falestin/Land of Israel

League of Nations Mandate for PalestineThe Minutes of the Ninth Session of the League of Nations’ Permanent Mandate Commission:

“Colonel Symes explained that the country was described as “Palestine” by Europeans and as “Falestin” by the Arabs. The Hebrew name for the country was the designation “Land of Israel”, and the Government, to meet Jewish wishes, had agreed that the word “Palestine” in Hebrew characters should be followed in all official documents by the initials which stood for that designation (e.g. E. I.). As a set-off to this, certain of the Arab politicians suggested that the country should be called “Southern Syria” in order to emphasise its close relation with another Arab State.”

Source:; League of Nations, Permanent Mandate Commission, Minutes of the Ninth Session (Arab Grievances), Held at Geneva from June 8th to 25th, 1926.

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