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January 18, 1919 Muslim-Christian Association to King-Crane Commission

Pasha Aref Dajani front 5th from left -Third Palestinian National Congress. When the King-Crane Commission was sent to Palestine in 1919, they met with multiple groups of Arabs, Jews and Christians in an attempt to assess the general feelings of the people in the region.  In Jerusalem, they were met by a delegation of the Muslim-Christian Association and addressed by Aref Pasha Dajani who stated:

It is impossible for us to make an understanding with them [Jews] or even to live them together… Their history and all their past proves that it is impossible to live with them.  In all the countries where they are at present they are not wanted and undesirables, because they always arrive to suck the blood of everybody, and to become economically and financially victorious. If the League of Nations will not listen to the appeal of the Arabs this country will become a river of blood.”

(quoting from the report on reception by the King-Crane Commission of representatives of the Muslim-Christian Association, Jerusalem, June 18, 1919 (CZA A182/86/3).)

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