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January 5 Arab Medical Association of Palestine

“Proclamation of the Arab Medical Association:

Further to the proclamation of the Arab Higher Committee published in the press and broadcast by Radio Jerusalem, The Arab Medical Association of Palestine hereby appeals to the Arab people in this proclamation, in the hopes that they will confirm their respect and appreciation for medical people and all those who help them to discharge their important duties, such a nurses and first-aiders.  They are not to be interfered with in the execution of their humane duties, nor harmed or hurt in any way.  They are all, regardless of religion, faith, or nationality, gents of mercy and servants of humanity, without discrimination or difference in nationality, faith or color.

We also request respect for the immunity of hospitals, health institutions, ambulances, and doctors’ vehicles bearing the symbol of service—the Red Crescent, Cross, or star.  All of them are likewise servants of humanity, their work is holy, and they are therefore to be respected, and any harm to them avoided.  We call on doctors and their helpers to pay special attention to making their association with the health services clear.  They must conspicuously display the Red Crescent, Cross, or star on their person, buildings, or cars.  We pray and hope that they will not take advantages that are in any way contradictory to their loyalty to humane duties.

We are sure that you will behave according to this proclamation, God direct your hearts.

The Arab Medical Association

Dr. Tawfik Canaan                          

Source: Israel and The Arab World

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