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Jerusalem Talmud Yevamot 12-1 (12c)- The Tannaitic Movement in Babylonia

Church of St Jacob NisibisAlready in the tannaitic period, Rabbinic sages were to be found in Babylonia. Most prominent among them was Rabbi Judah ben Bathyra I (mid-first century C.E.) settled in Nisibis before the destruction of the Temple.

Rabbi Yose said, “Once I visited Nisibis, (128) and I saw an old man there, and I said to him, ‘Have you even been expert in the teachings of Rabbi Judah Ben Bathyra?’ and he said to me, ‘Rabbi, I was a money-changer in my city, and he used to change money at my table.'”

(128) A trade center in northern Mesopotamia

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