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Ship Is Halted With 1,000 Jews for Palestine, Associated Press, Chicago Sunday Tribune, Feb. 29, 1948.

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JERUSALEM, Feb. 28 (AP)-The British blockade today intercepted a ship carrying more than 1,000 Jews seeking to enter Palestine without immigration certificates.

Informants from Haganah, the Jewish militia, said the ship, named “Builders and Fighters,” left a western European port recently.

R. A. F. planes spotted the vessel near the Palestine coastline. Subsequently a British navy party boarded the ship. The vessel was reported proceeding to Haifa under destroyer escort.

Communal violence in the holy land centered today in the Haifa area and in the coastal region south of the port. The unofficial death toll since the United Nations voted for partition Nov. 29 rose to 1,446.

British Troops Repel Arabs

British troops helped drive off a large Arab attack on the Jewish farm colony of Maanit Narbata, 40 miles south of Haifa. Two Jews and four Iraqi were wounded in the engagement.

One Arab source described the operation as a possible preliminary thrust in the Arabs’ announced plan to slash through the proposed Jewish state along the coast and cut communications between Haifa and Tel Aviv.

Five Arabs. including the chief clerk of the Haifa municipality, were killed and 25 were wounded, three seriously, when the clerk’s car blew up in an Arab garage in Haifa.

Arab Woman Killed

The blindfolded body of an unidentified Jew who had been shot thru the head was found Lon the outskirts of Haifa. Two hours later a young Arab woman was shot dead near the Aere gate. Two Arabs and a Jew were wounded by Haifa street snipers.

Jewish fighters repulsed a demolition squad of 30 Arabs in the Tel Aviv border zone.

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