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Other Continuous Pesharim, Lawrence H. Schiffman, Reclaiming the Dead Sea Scrolls, Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia 1994.

The Dead Sea Scrolls
Some fragments of two manuscripts—Pesher Hosea A and Pesher Hosea B—preserve pesher exegeses on a few passages in Hosea. Both manuscripts date to the Herodian period. The text castigates wicked Jews who spurned the commandments by observing gentile feasts. Hence, they were punished by God. The pesher refers to a “furious young lion” and to a “last priest,” who will attack Ephraim—a symbolic term for the Pharisees.

A few fragments survive of Pesher Micah. They interpret Samaria to refer to the Spouter of Lies and Judah and Jerusalem to refer to the Teacher of Righteousness and the council of the sectarian community.

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