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July 15th, 1099 Muslim Account / Murder of Jews in Synagogue on Temple Mount

July 15th, 1099 The Temple Mount

To quote from Al Kalasini’s contemporary account:

“They (the Crusaders) proceeded towards Jerusalem, … The people fled in panic before them. They descended first upon Ramallah and captured it after the ripening of the crops. From there, they marched to Jerusalem, the inhabitants of which they engaged and blockaded and having set up the tower against the city they brought it forward to wall. The news reached them that al Afdal (the vizier of the Fatimid Caliphate in Cairo) was on his way from Egypt with a powerful army to engage in a jihad and destroy them and protect the city. The Crusaders therefore attacked the city with increased vigor and prolonged the battle that day until the daylight faded, then withdrew from it, after promising the inhabitants to renew the attack upon them the following day. The townsfolk descended from the wall at sunset, whereupon the Franks renewed their assault upon it, climbed up the tower and gained a footing on the city wall. The defenders were driven down and the Franks stormed the town and gained possession of it. A large number of the townsfolk took sanctuary at Haram as Sharif, where they were slaughtered. The Jews assembled in the synagogue and the Franks burned it over their heads. The Haram was surrendered to them on the 22nd of Shaaban, but they destroyed the shrines and the tomb of Abraham.”

Siege and Capture of Jerusalem, 1099 (13th century miniature)

Ökumenisches Heiligenlexikon; Quelle dort: Miniatur aus dem 13. Jahrhundert: Belagerung und Eroberung von Jerusalem, in der Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris

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