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Joseph Gikatilla, Sha’arei Orah, 2:59-61

Jewish Mysticism
On occasion this emanation (Binah) is called jubilee. I have already informed you that all types of freedom and redemption are dependent on this emanation. . . . When the lower emanations hold on to the emanation of the jubilee and draw down the efflux of her blessing below, then all types of freedom and redemption are found in all the emanations and in all things sustained by means of the emanation of Malkhut who receives the overflow of the blessing from them. Know that in a future time the righteous will ascend until they hold on to the emanation of Binah, which is the secret of the world-to-come. Then all types of destruction and all types of calamity will be liberated and redeemed. . . . The secret of Binah is called the jubilee because through it everything is liberated. The reason is that he who merits to be conjoined to her never sees any worry or any deficit . . . and he who is conjoined to the jubilee is redeemed, for there is nothing surrounding the jubilee that can be harmful. . . . And this emanation is called in the language of our rabbis, blessed be their memory, repentance. The reason is that the souls (neshamot) emanate from this place, the spirits (ruhot) from Tif’eret, and the souls (nefashot) from Malkhut, and they are all bound to one another to the point that they merit to be united in the emanation of Binah . . . and this is the secret of repentance. . . . Thus contemplate that repentance is the secret of the world-to-come. And after we have explained to you this great secret, we must again inform you of the order of the gradations of repentance. For everyone of Israel has a way of returning after he has been sold, “redemption shall be his and he will be released in the jubilee” (Lev. 25-31), and it says, “In the year of the jubilee, each man shall return to his holding” (ibid., 13). Through the secret of the emanation of Binah the soul can return and hold on to the place whence it was taken. This is [the meaning of] what is said, “each man shall return to his holding” (tashuvu ish el ahuzzato)—the expression of holding (ahizah).

Translated by Elliot Wolfson in “Fore/giveness on the Way- Nesting in the Womb of Response,” Graven Images- Studies in Culture, Law, and the Sacred 4 (1998)- 153-169.

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