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February 3, 1919 Statement of the Zionist Organization Regarding Palestine

The official Zionist proposal to the Paris Peace Conference was submitted for review, entitled “Statement of the Zionist Organization Regarding Palestine.” The main points are as follows:

  • Recognition of the historic title of Palestine to the Jews
  • Recognition of the right for Jews to reconstitute a homeland in Palestine
  • A Mandate system, as devised with the League of Nations and entrusted to Great Britain, will be in place
  • Palestine will be protected and developed politically, economically and administratively in a manner that will “secure the establishment there of the Jewish National Home, and ultimately render possible the creation of an autonomous Commonwealth…”
  • Nothing will be done to reduce or infringe on the civil or religious rights of non-Jews living in the area.
  • The Mandatory power (Great Britain) will “promote Jewish immigration and close settlement on the land” again keeping in step with the protections of non-Jews living there.
  • The Mandatory power will encourage as much self-government as possible.
  • A council should be devised that consists of Jews in Palestine as well as around the world, to be included in consultations and to develop Jewish education.
  • Freedom of religion throughout Palestine2 157.

Source: 2, p. 159

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