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Anne Frank

Returning and Redemption

  1. Overview
    1. Anne Frank (1929-1945), Anne Frank House.
  2. Primary sources
    1. Excerpts from Anne Frank’s Diary
  3. Newspaper articles
    1. Otto Frank’s Letters Discovered, Time Magazine, Jan. 25, 2007.
  4. Images
    1. Edith Frank and Her Daughters, Margot and Anne, Frankfurt am Main, March 10, 1933
    2. Anne Frank on the Balcony of Her Apartment in Amsterdam, May 1941
    3. The Frank Family on Merwedeplein, 1941
    4. Anne Frank, May 1942
    5. A Page from Anne Frank’s Diary Showing a Picture of Her Father Otto Frank, c. 1944
    6. Exterior of the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam
    7. The Movable Bookcase Which Conceals the Entrance to the Secret Annex
    8. Anne Frank’s Room in the Secret Annex
    9. Symbolic Grave of Anne Frank at Bergen-Belsen
    10. Statue of Anne Frank in Amsterdam
    11. German Stamp of Anne Frank, 1979
  5. Videos
    1. Interview with Otto Frank, BBC, May 10, 1976.
    2. Anne Frank the Writer- An Unfinished Story, United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.
    3. The Anne Frank We Remember, Alvin H. Rosenfeld, University of California Television.
  6. Websites
    1. The Anne Frank Center USA
    2. Anne Frank in the World 1929-1945 Teacher Workbook
    3. Anne Frank Trust UK
    4. United States Holocaust Memorial Museum- Anne Frank the Writer

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