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1015 Christian Churches / Synagogues

Islamic Murder, Mayhem, and Mutilation

In 1010 a certain monk, named John, seeking revenge against the Patriarch of Jerusalem, Zacharias, petitioned the caliph against the church and its wealth. El Hakim, who, it is said, was incensed at the alleged annual display of “miraculous fire,” formally directed the governor to. “Destroy the Church of El Camamah, that its earth shall become its heaven, and its length its breadth.”

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre was, thereupon, destroyed. Churches were everywhere wrecked and plundered, or converted into mosques. The synagogues in Kjah, Ramleh, and other places, were dealt with in a like manner.

Source: De Haas, Jacob. History of Palestine – The Last Two Thousand Years. (p. 178); Walter Besant, p. 111

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