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The Synagogue (c. 70-7th Century CE)

  1. 40 Ein GediFrom Text to Tradition
    1. From Temple to Synagogue
  2. Primary sources
    1. The Theodotus Inscription in Jerusalem- The Functions of the Synagogue
    2. The Inscription in the Ein Gedi Synagogue- The “Secret of the Town”
    3. Corinth- A Synagogue
    4. Rome- An Archisynagogue
    5. Beth Alpha Synagogue- A “Rabbi”
  3. Secondary sources
    1. Steven Fine. “From Meeting House to Sacred Realm- Holiness and the Ancient Synagogue.” Sacred Realm- The Emergence of the Synagogue in the Ancient World. Ed. Steven Fine. New York; Oxford- Oxford University Press, 1996.
  4. Images
    1. The Bet Alpha Synagogue.
    2. Reconstruction drawing of the Beth Alpha synagogue by Jacob Pinkersfield.
    3. Beth Alpha Synagogue Model.
    4. Jericho Synagogue Mosaic.
    5. El-Hirbe Samaritan synagogue mosaic pavement
    6. Zodiac, Sepphoris synagogue mosaic pavement.
    7. Bialystoker Synagogue, Manhattan.
    8. Tabernacle Motifs: Sepphoris Synagogue Mosaic.
    9. Synagogue Screen, Tiberias.
    10. Inscription from Ashkelon Synagogue
    11. Ein Gedi Synagogue Mosaic
    12. Ancient Synagogue of Chorazin
    13. Merot Synagogue.
    14. Merot Synagogue Inscription.
    15. Synagogue Screen, Ashdod.
    16. Drawing of Naaran Synagogue.
    17. Bas-relief of a building site, Terrancina.
    18. Torah shrine base, En Samsam, Golan Heights 1.
    19. Torah Shrine Base, En Samsam, Synagogue in Golan Heights 2.
    20. Menorah Panel, Andriake.
    21. Menorah Plaque from the Priene Basilica.
    22. Hamat Tiberias Synagogue.
    23. Beit Shaan- Synagogue / Study Hall Menorah.
    24. Beit Shaan-Synagogue / Study Hall Inscription.
    25. Wadi Hamam.
    26. Picture of Elijah, Dura Europos Inscription.
    27. The Dura Europos Inscriptions.
    28. Dura Europos, King David.
    29. Dura Europos, Aaron.
    30. Dura Europos, Moses.
    31. Dura Europos Model.
    32. Sephardic Lebanese Synagogue
    33. Sephardic Lebanese Synagogue Torah Shrine
  5. Videos
    1. Ancient Synagogues
    2. Jewish Archaeology – Discoveries
    3. Archaeology and Zionism

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