The above tiles are from a Synagogue in Hamat Tiberias.

The Hammat Tiberias Synagogue is an ancient Synagogue on the outskirts of Tiberias, located near the hot springs just south of the city. The synagogue dates to 286 and 337 CE, when Tiberias was the seat of the Sanhedrin. Two synagogue sites have been excavated at Hammat Tiberias.  A limestone Menorah was uncovered there. There is a mosaic floor is made up of three panels featuring the zodiac, and Helios, the sun god. Women who symbolize the four seasons of nature appear in each corner.

The second synagogue site, excavated by Moshe Dothan, is noted for its elaborate Mosaic  floor. The synagogue, dated to the last half of the fourth century C.E., was named after an inscription that reads, in Greek, “Severus the pupil of the most illustrious patriarchs,” an apparent reference to the leaders of the Jewish community.