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Tyrian Shekel, 28-27 BCE

Tyrian Shekel

Tyrian Half Shekel Reverse

On the obverse of this coin is a laureate head of Melqarth (in his Hellenized form as Heracles) to the right. The reverse shows an eagle on a prow, a palm branch at its shoulder; in the left field is a club and the date Qθ (99 of the Tyrian era); in the right field is a monogram; The inscription TYPOY IEPAΣ KAI AΣYΛOY (Of holy, sanctuary-providing Tyre) encircles the coin.

Sussmann, Ayala and Ruth Peled, Scrolls from the Dead Sea; An Exhibition of Scrolls and Archeological Artifacts from the Collections of the Israel Antiquities Authority. New York- George Braziller, 1993.

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