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The Hasmonean Dynasty (142-37 BCE)

  1. coin-of-antigonusFrom Text to Tradition
    1. The Hasmonean Dynasty
  2. Historical surveys
    1. Lee I. Levine. “The Age of Hellenism- Alexander the Great and the Rise and Fall of the Hasmonean Kingdom.” Part III
  3. Primary sources
    1. Josephus, Antiquities XIII, 179-83- The Ascendancy of Jonathan
    2. Maccabees 12-15- Jonathan’s Death and the Reign of Simon
    3. Josephus, Antiquities XIII, 225-9- The Death of Simon
    4. Josephus, Antiquities XIII, 230-300- The Reign of John Hyrcanus
    5. Josephus, Antiquities XIII, 301-23- The Reign of Aristobulus
    6. Josephus, Antiquities XIII, 356-83- The Reign of Alexander Janneus
    7. Josephus, Antiquities XIII, 398-432- Queen Salome Alexandra
    8. Josephus, Antiquities XI, 4-79- Hyrcanus II and Aristobulus
    9. Babylonian Talmud Sotah 49b- Hyrcanus and Aristobulus at War
  4. Secondary sources
    1. Steven Fine. “Art and Identity in Latter Second Temple Period Judea- The Hasmonean Royal Tombs at Modi’in.” The Twenty-Fourth Annual Rabbi Louis Feinberg Memorial Lecture in Judaic Studies. University of Cincinnati, 2001.
    2. Suzanne F. Singer, “The Winter Palaces of Jericho,” Biblical Archaeology Review (3: 2) 1977.
  5. Images
    1. Tomb of Jason, Jerusalem, 2nd century BCE.
    2. Coin of the Hasmonean king Mattathias Antigonous, ruled 37-40 BCE, portraying menorah, (reverse).
    3. Jericho Synagogue Mosaic

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