Octadrachm Ptolemy IVPtolemy IV Philopator was the fourth Pharaoh of the Ptolemaic Egypt. He fought against Antiochus III for control over Judea.

Josephus, Antiquities, XII, 129-46-

(129) In the reign of Antiochus the Great 44 who ruled over all Asia, the Jews as well as the inhabitants of Celesyria, suffered greatly, and their land was greatly devastated. (130) For while he was at war with Ptolemy Philopater and with his son, who was called Epiphanes, it turned out that these nations suffered equally, both when he was defeated and when he was victorious. They were very much like a ship in a storm which is tossed by the waves on both sides, for they found themselves in the middle between Antiochus’s successes and the change to adversity. (131) But at length, when Antiochus had beaten Ptolemy, he seized Judea. When Philopater was dead, his son sent out a great army under Scopas, the general of his forces, against the inhabitants of Celesyria. He took many of their cities, and in particular our nation, (132) which, when he attacked it, went over to him. Yet was it not long afterward that Antiochus overcame Scopas, in a battle fought at the sources of the Jordan (River), and destroyed a great part of his army. (133) But afterward, when Antiochus subdued those cities of Celesyria which Scopas had gotten into his possession, including Samaria, the Jews, of their own accord, went over to him and received him into the city [Jerusalem], and gave plentiful provision to all his army and to his elephants, and readily assisted him when he besieged the garrison which was in the citadel of Jerusalem.

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