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May 5, 1948 War Develops

HaganahThe war already was developing in Northern Palestine between Arabs and the Jewish Haganah militia.

 Arab sources in Beirut, Lebanon, reported tonight that the Haganah militiamen had won an important victory by taking the key town of Safad, between the Lebanon border and the Sea of Galilee.

 A truce imposed by the British army in Jerusalem was broken today when Arabs bombarded the Katamon suburb.

 There seemed a good chance that the British-imposed truce might soon be succeeded by an agreed one.

 Informants said the suggested basis for a Jerusalem truce was that the British would keep peace until midnight May 14, when their mandate expires, and that afterward the International Red Cross would assume control under a “truce of God.”

Talks on a truce for all Palestine bogged down when the Jews insisted on unlimited immigration and the Arabs demanded sovereignty over the country, it was reported.


Abdullah’s announcement in Amman declared he has “decided to enter Palestine after May 15 with an Iraqi army even if the Arab League decides to accept armistice proposals.” “I refuse to accept them,” Abdullah said. “The moment the British abandon their mandate my armies will go immediately.”

Abdullah spoke before leaving for Mafrak to inspect his troops.

Earlier reports said Abdullah had rejected proposals for a 10-day truce in Palestine after May 15 to enable the United Nations to work out a last-moment solution.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, May 6, 1948

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