1948 Guerrilla Raids by ArabsAnwar Nashashibi:

“The Jewish state was born a year ago. Do they believe that they will have more birthdays?  Do they still believe the high price in blood was worth the endeavor? THE ARABS ARE WILLING TO WAIT TEN, FIFTEEN, TWENTY OR EVEN TWENTY-FIVE YEARS FOR THEIR REVENGE. We are confident that the Jews also know that the war is not yet over… one day soon we shall be better armed than the Jews…war or no war, THE JEWS KNOW VERY WELL THEY ARE SURROUNDED BY 40 MILLION ARABS WHO WILL STRANGLE THEM BY IMPOSING AN ECONOMIC BOYCOTT…  THE HATRED OF THE ARABS WILL LAST FOREVER.”

Source: The Ramallah Arabic radio broadcast a statement from Anwar Nashashibi