Training of the Arab Liberation ArmyBritish Intelligence publish a document on the Arab Liberation Army detailing its location in every area of Palestine, its numbers, and its command as follows:

Arab Liberation Army

Information as at 19.3.48

General: G.O.C. Gen.Ismail Safwat Pasha formerly Deputy Chief of Staff to the Iraqi Army. H.Q. Damascus.

Commands in Palestine:

North Pal: O.C. Fawzi Al Kaukji Bey. 2. i/c Mohd Bey As Safa

East Pal: overall Command Abdul Qadir Husseini

West Pal: overall Command Sheik Hassan Salama.  2. i/c a German Engineer Officer.

South Pal: Acting overall Command Col. Tarik Bey, a Sudanese.

Source: The Nation Weekly