Palestinian Arab Higher Committee representative Isa NakhlehThe Palestinian Arab Higher Committee representative Isa Nakhleh,

Following is the text of the reply of the Arab committee:

The Arab Higher Committee for Palestine has considered the questions directed to it by the Secretary General of the United Nations on behalf of the delegates of the United States of America, China, and France.  The Arab Higher Committee regards those questions as emanating from those states in a noble endeavor on their part to find a solution to the problem of Palestine and not as emanating from a body considering partition as a solution.

The Arab Higher Committee observes, however, that all the questions revolved around partition, which, with the clear and unequivocal support of Arab states, the Arabs of Palestine have categorically rejected.  The reasons for their rejection were fully and clearly indicated in the statements made before the General Assembly and its subsidiary committees by delegates of the Arab Higher Committee and the Arab states.  These statements define clearly the stand of the Arabs of Palestine as well as that of the Arab states in regard to the solution of the Palestine problem.

The Arab Higher Committee, however, wishes to reiterate in this connection its rejection of any solution based on partition in any form, including creation of a separate provisional or permanent administration for the city of Jerusalem.  The Arab Higher Committee also wishes to emphasize that the only solution compatible with the ideals of the United Nations Charter and which would guarantee peace and security in Palestine is the formation of one independent state for the whole of Palestine whose constitution would be based on democratic principles and which would include adequate safeguards for minorities and the safety of the holy places as well as all freedoms, including freedom of worship.  Such a state would be prepared to accept full responsibility for governmental administration and maintenance of law and order in the whole of Palestine and will be prepared to treat all citizens and residents of all creeds with justice as befits a truly democratic country.

Source: The New York Times, March 16, 1948.