March 12, 1948 British Reveal non-Arab Volunteers in PalestineThe Fortnightly Intelligence Newsletter No. 63, issued by the HQ British Troops in Palestine, the British revealed the presence in Palestine of non-Arab volunteers as members of the Arab liberation army, including German officers and Yugoslav Moslems. The report declares:

“An observer of the Arab scene in Palestine has given an appreciation of the non-Arab volunteers who have been working with Arabs in Palestine owing to allegiance to the Mufti.Firstly, there are the Yugoslav Moslems, estimated at less than a dozen in number who are attached to Abdul Qadir Al Husseini in the Jerusalem area. They have had experience in warfare and have expert knowledge of underground activities. Their number is almost certain to be increased later. Then there are three of four German officers attached to sheikh Hassan Salakeh in areas around Jaffa and Lydda. One popular rumor has it that they are survivors of the Germans who parachuted down during the last war in the Jericho region to contact Salameh, with whom they have kept in touch ever since. These Germans refuse to meet any British volunteers. Thirdly, there are constant rumors of some British nationals but little or nothing is known about them.

The infiltration of the Arab Liberation Army into Palestine continues, particularly in the Ras el Ain area and Jaffa, where the new commander, Abdel Bey Najin ed Din, who took over from abdul Wahab Bey when the latter went to Syria, probably has some 1,500 regulars under his Command. The Jaffa- Tel Aviv struggle has already entered a new phase, the Arabs having adopted a plan of attack as opposed to their former policy of defense.”

Source: British in the Fortnightly Intelligence Newsletter No. 63 reported that: Nation