Temple Mount Bulla

First Temple period (tenth-early sixth century BCE) bulla found by Gabriel Barkay during Temple Mount sifting in September 2005.

Dr. Gabriel Barkay reports-

“And the third is a bulla with a seal impression. The bulla made of clay was originally attached to a document or a parcel, and still retains part of its original text on its face. The bulla is black in color as a result of being burned by the fire that ironically caused its preservation. The bulla became defragmented in ancient times and is incomplete. The letters preserved on the middle register are “ליהו” “…lyhw” while the bottom register reads “אמר…” “…)mr”. In light of another published seal, it may be possible to complete the writing as “לגא]ליהו.[בן]אמר]” (Belonging to Ga’alyahu son of Immer). The house of Imer was a well-known priestly family at the end of the First Temple period, roughly from around the 7th – 6th Centuries BCE, and the days of Return to Zion.” [See Jeremiah 20-1; Ezra 2-37, 2-59, 10-20; Nehemiah 3-29, 7-40, 7-61, 11-13; First Chronicles 9-12, 24-14]

“Strata,” BAR Jan-Feb 2006.