General Burns submitted reports to the UN Security CouncilStatements by Saudi Arabia on the Armistice Agreements (e.g. To Ralph Bunche of the U.N.):

The following reply to my invitation of 30 January 1949 has been received by my representative in Cairo from the Government of Saudi Arabia:

Royal Legation of Saudi Arabia, February 8

Sir: The Royal Legation of Saudi Arabia presents its compliments to the United Nations Mediator and has the honour to enclose herewith the Saudi Arabian Government reply to the note presented to this legation on 30 January 1949 regarding the invitation sent to the Governments engaged in the Palestine war to enter into negotiations with the object of carrying out the Security Council decision of 16 November 1948.

The Royal Legation of Saudi Arabia seizes this opportunity to present to the United Nations Mediator the expression of its high consideration.

The Saudi Arabian Government has received your invitation to send delegates to the Rhodes or to any other place as may be agreed to enter into negotiations for the conclusion of a permanent truce in Palestine in conformity with the Security Council’s decision of 16 November 1948.

You undoubtedly know that he Saudi Arabian Government has very loyally carried out the Security Council’s decision of June and July 1948 in respect of the truce and has seen to it that no aggressive act should violate that truce.  The regrettable events which subsequently took place and which affected the truce were not caused by us or by any Arab State, but were the result of Jewish aggression and the Jewish violation of the imposed truce.  The Arab States in whose zones military operations took place were only defending themselves.  Moreover, the armed Saudi Arabian troops participating in the Palestine campaign do not constitute an independent front, and there is no reason why the Saudi Arabian Government should enter into any negotiations to conclude a new truce while the truce imposed in July is still effective.  At any rate, the Saudi Arabian Government accepts the decisions which have already been adopted, or which may be adopted by the Arab League, in respect of the situation in Palestine.

(The above is a translation from the original Arabic text.)

Ralph Bunche,

Acting Mediator

Source: A Summary of Events in the Middle East, 1946-1967