London Round Table ConferenceThe London Round Table Conference, opened on February 7th, 1939. The Arabs refused to be seated in the same room as the Jews. In accordance with their wishes, arrangements were made for them to enter St. James’ Palace, where the conference was held, through a separate entrance. The British met exclusively with the Arab and Jewish delegations on alternative days. Throughout the entire proceedings, the Arabs clearly wanted to be seen as negotiating only with the British. Under such circumstances, a joint Arab-Jewish understanding was obviously unattainable. As the conference proceeded, it became clear that the British had already decided to adjust their policies in accordance with the essence of the Arab demands. At the same time, they indulged in duplicity, praising the Jewish delegation for its moderation while dropping hints about their frustration with the Arabs. When they would meet with the Arabs, they would offer sympathetic understand of their standpoint, embellished with unsavory comments about the Jews.

Source: The Hope Fulfilled The Rise of Modern Israel By Leslie Stein Printed by Praeger March 2003 pages (219-220)