“According to a reliable source, approximately 1,000 men crossed the Transjordan and Lebanese frontiers into Palestine on 25, February in 1000 trucks. These Arab irregulars are reported to be dressed in American type battle dress with orange hattas. Once detachment of  some 500 men went to the Nablus area via Tubas, and was received by member of the Nation Committee. A parade was held in their honour attended by Arab scouts and Youth Organizations. More than 10,000 local Arabs are said to have been present, and the Mayor of Nablus and President of the National Committee both mad short addresses to the assembly.  Mohd Saffar, Arab Commander in the Nablus area, then lectured this Palestine Hotel, Nablus. Following this address which lasted for two hours, the group is reported to have left for the Beisan area where the report states, they will be used in attacks on Jewish colonies which are expected to take place in the near future.

“The second detachment, also of approximately 500, are reported to have crossed the Lebanese frontier in the area of Bint Jhall 190280 where they were met by high – ranking officers in the ‘National Liberation Army.’ This detachment later dispersed into villages in the Upper Galilee area. The report indicates that these 2 contingents are the most well- equipped to cross the frontier to date. They are armed with rifles, Brens and other automatic weapons, and heavier type gun of unspecified caliber for use in the hills. Each man is said to be carrying arms sufficient for two persons, as the band is hoping to be backed up by local guerrillas who will be recruited throughout the area. The leader of the force is a Iraqi officer, who informed local leaders in the Acre sub-district that the detachment would remain in the villages in Galilee as force available for defense, until orders are received from the Arab Liberation Army Headquarters in Damascus to start the offensive.”

Source: British Record on Partition, The Nation, May 8, 1948