Jerusalem’s Latest Scene of TerrorismAnother act of violence brought death and destruction to the holy land yesterday, when a heavy explosion blew up the Jewish National institutions buildings in Jerusalem. Map below shows location of the blast; only a few blocks away is Ben Yehuda street, scene of a disastrous explosion on February 22, when more than 5- persons were killed. Yesterday’s blast took 11 lives and wounded 86, all Jews. The institutions building, pictured at right, housed the Jewish Agency and other important Jewish governmental offices

Source: New York Times February 22, 1948


“At ten minutes past six on Sunday morning, three trucks loaded with dynamite exploded on Ben Yehuda Street in the center of New Jerusalem.  Six-story buildings crumbled, others caught fire, the street looked as if it had been heavily bombed from the air. It took more than twenty-four hours to complete rescue work; fifty-two dead were found and 123 persons were wounded.

David Rees Williams, Parliamentary Under-Secretary for Colonial Affairs, announced immediately in the House of Commons,

“Since the Government does not believe the allegations that British troops were involved, there is no question of an inquiry at this time.”

Source:  46, p. 37.