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February 24, 1945 Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon Declare War on Germany

Churchill Ibn Saud Meet in EgypThe whole temperament of the Arab world before and during World War Two was neutralist at best, pro-Nazi at worst.  When Italian troops in August, 1940, invaded Egyptian territory, Egypt did not consider this a cause for war.  The fighting was left to the British.  Even General Erwin Rommel’s invasion of Egypt, in May 1941, couldn’t nudge the Egyptians into a declaration of war.  AND SO STRONG WAS THE PRO-Nazi SENTIMENT IN EGYPT THAT WHEN PREMIER AHMED MAHER DID DECLARE WAR—ON FEBRUARY 24, 1945—HE WAS ASSASSINATED WHILE READING THE ROYAL DECREE.

Source: Goldberg, Sidney. “Tainted Past-And Present; Arabs Cry ‘Nazi’ to Israel, but Convict Only Themselves.” North American Newspaper Alliance. June 24-25, 1967.

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