Churchill Ibn Saud Meet in EgypThe whole temperament of the Arab world before and during World War Two was neutralist at best, pro-Nazi at worst.  When Italian troops in August, 1940, invaded Egyptian territory, Egypt did not consider this a cause for war.  The fighting was left to the British.  Even General Erwin Rommel’s invasion of Egypt, in May 1941, couldn’t nudge the Egyptians into a declaration of war.  AND SO STRONG WAS THE PRO-Nazi SENTIMENT IN EGYPT THAT WHEN PREMIER AHMED MAHER DID DECLARE WAR—ON FEBRUARY 24, 1945—HE WAS ASSASSINATED WHILE READING THE ROYAL DECREE.

Source: Goldberg, Sidney. “Tainted Past-And Present; Arabs Cry ‘Nazi’ to Israel, but Convict Only Themselves.” North American Newspaper Alliance. June 24-25, 1967.