Ruins of Ur

Ruins of Ur. By M.Lubinski from Iraq,USA. – Flickr, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Treasures from Bible Times

Alan Millard

(Belleville, Michigan- Lion Publishing, 1985), 189 pp., $14.95

Do not expect to find any new gems among the treasures from Biblical times that Alan Millard has assembled in this book. This is yet another of the seemingly endless flow of books relating archaeological discoveries to the Bible. The treasures the author has in mind include not only silver and gold, but much more. Silver and gold there are, too, from the treasure trove of Tutankhamun’s tomb to the jewelry of the Royal Tombs of Ur. But the bulk of the treasure consists of information and illustrations of more mundane materials—inscriptions, carved ivories and fallen walls. From such diverse places as Ur, Amarna and Ebla they come, and those of us who collect books of this genre have seen all these treasures before.

So why did Millard bring another book like this into print?

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