LatrunIsrael Asks Arabs to Discuss Peace at Direct Parley

On the issue of Jerusalem’s water supply, there are indications that this may soon be resolved. Up to now the Arabs have refused to permit water to be pumped through Latrun station, which controls the line from the main source at Rasel Ein. Israel considers this a truce violation and has so informed the Mediator. Although nothing official was announced, it was hinted that the Arabs might soon be willing to open the pumps.

The question of whether or not the Amman Government will remove its opposition to water being piped from the River Yarkon pump-house north of Tel Aviv along the forty-mile route to Jerusalem has become a focal issue in the present uneasy truce.

Unconfirmed sources reported that the commander of the Trans-Jordan Arab Legion, British Lieut. Gen, John Bagot Glubb Pasha had expressed his unwavering opposition to any measures enabling Jerusalem to receive piped water. His position was understood to be that such supply would enable the Jewish inhabitants of Jerusalem to obtain a “military advantage” by holding out indefinitely should hostilities be resumed.

Source:  Currivan, Gene.  New York Times, August 6, 1948.