August 26, 1929

“                                                              Palestine Death Toll Mounts Hourly

With Fifteen Americans Among Slain

New Outbreaks Indicate Arab Revolt

Pillage in Jerusalem

Colleges, Synagogues and

Houses Are Set Afire—Three More Killed

Hebron Hospital Burned

More Victims in Haifa, Where

The Town is Besieged All Day

By Frenzied Moslems

Arabs Savage in Raids

Food Shortage Felt as Refugees

Crowd Into Capital—Fear

For Isolated Towns

Arab forces clash with British troops landing from warships at Jaffa and oppose advance of marines to Jerusalem. Heavy firing is reported. Two new Arab attacks broke out yesterday morning in Haifa. Three persons were killed and many wounded. The fighting continued through the afternoon. The Jewish Telegraphic agency reports that despite the presence of British troops, the dead and injured mount hourly. A bomb was exploded in Jerusalem, injured mount hourly. A bomb was exploded in Jerusalem, injuring three. The hospital at Hebron was burned. The death list in Jerusalem alone total thirty-two, with seventy now dead at Hebron. Including fifteen Americans, of whom eight are identified=. The toll in outlying sections, where clashes continue, is heavy and the wounded number in the hundreds. British troops and places have arrived from Egypt and warships with orders to act drastically to quell disturbances. More soldiers are on the way.   Refugees in Syria report that the attacks, are assuming the character of an Arab revolt.  An official communiqué issued in Jerusalem yesterday stated that the situation, generally, was well in hand.”

Source: New York Times August 27, 1929